In the dance of existence, where rhythms align,
A gentle refrain echoes, a wisdom divine.
"Take it easy," it whispers, like a calming breeze,
A lullaby of solace, to set the soul at ease.

Oh, the beauty of reprieve, a mantra to embrace,
"Take it easy," a reminder, in this restless race.
In the arms of surrender, we learn to let go,
As the phrase gently guides us, through life's ebb and flow.

"Take it easy," a beacon, in the storms that we face,
A compass of serenity, as we navigate our place.
Through the waves of emotion, the heart learns to sway,
As "take it easy" steadies, our course along the way.

A testament to patience, the power it wields,
"Take it easy," a mantra, a shield for our fields.
In the quietude of stillness, the soul learns to bend,
As the whispers of "take it easy," their wisdom extend.

So let us honor the phrase, that sets our minds free,
A world of tranquility, where the heart finds its key.
For in the embrace of "take it easy," we find our reprieve,
A realm of serenity, where magic we achieve.

Francois Carrillo